Photo of employee Jason Bird

Jason Bird

Photo of employee Justin Richard

Justin Richard

Photo of employee Thomas McGraw

Thomas McGraw

Photo of employee Matt Prince

Matt Prince

Photo of employee Mark Hicks

Mark Hicks

Photo of employee Eric Cote

Eric Cote

Photo of employee Patrick Dupuis

  Over his ten plus years with Ermen, Pat Dupuis has seen a lot. Getting his start as a laborer in 2006, Pat started his apprenticeship in 2009 and became a licensed plumber in 2016. In that time, he has learned that prevention is key. Whether it’s screens in the tub or shower to catch…

Photo of employee Dwight Dykeman

  With over a quarter of a century in the business, Dwight Dykeman has seen it all. Self-proclaimed as “stubborn”, he’s never seen a problem he’s given up on. Joining what he calls a well-established team, Dwight brings a ton of experience and know how to get the job done. Dwight believes in prevention and…